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About Falcon Study Abroad - Who We Are
Falcon Study Abroad hosts “Malaysia Education Exhibition” twice a year in the Maldives

Many students keep groping in the dark when it comes to choosing a university or college for the pursuit of higher education. They grow anxious about the price they may have to pay for the wrong choice. They worry and that of their parents is, indeed, legitimate!

Falcon Study Abroad was established to offer students and their parents the guidance and counsel they require to make the right choices of a field of study and a university or college.

Falcon Study Abroad is dedicated to serving the interests of students planning to go abroad for tertiary education. It is the official local representative of more than a dozen universities & colleges in Malaysia. Backed by a team of experts, it offers career guidance and university admission services including assistance and advice on living and studying in Malaysia.

Falcon Study Abroad is the official Maldivian representative of 15+ universities and colleges in Malaysia.

Our services are all for free.